It all started when...

A foal got badly injured at just two months of age.  One of his legs never fully recovered.  The life of this limping standardbred trotter should have been short, as most breeders would have simply given up on him.   The breeder of this foal is Jerome Lombart from Quebec.   The game changer for the life of this horse was when Jerome decided to try Synolis-VA on his injury - the top articular, pain reducing injectable on the market.

Synolis slide 04.jpg

The treatment the horse gets is one intra-articular injection per painful joint when needed.  

On x-ray the horse should not be walking on four legs. In practice he won the Quebec Breeders Cup at age two and is still racing as if nothing ever happened.

Synolis-VA could make a huge difference for your horses. Don't take our word for granted, try it and please send us your story.


* The product should be only administered by a licensed veterinarian  in intra-articular injection.

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If you are a veterinarian please call 1-514-291-0647 for bulk pricing.